Late Payment Reminders and Execution

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When debtors refuse to pay and reminders are ineffective.

If you have a debtor from Germany, use this website to request our office to start a legal dunning procedure with the help of user-friendly online forms.

Using our online forms does not cost more than the normal cost of the regular dunning procedure for obtaining a court order. The costs to obtain a judicial court order must be paid in the full amount by the debtor if the following conditions are met: your claim is justified, the debtor is in default of payment and the debtor is solvent.

If the responsible court offers the so-called ”data-carrier-exchanging-procedure“, the court order will likely be received by your debtor within 3 to 5 working-days.

Click this button to go directly to our form pages. Use the online forms to request us to obtain a court order to recover one or more outstanding claims.

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Information for completing the forms

The following pages contain detailed information about the reminder process - from requesting a late-payment notice to the dispatch of the demand note to your debtor:

[Image] Textfeld: Process
What is the timeline for obtaining a late-payment notice?
[Image] Textfeld: Advantages
What are the advantages of the automated reminder procedure?
[Image] Textfeld: Costs
What costs arise when using the online method?
[Image] Textfeld: Security
How secure  is the transfer of personal data?
[Image] Textfeld: Service-FAQ
Answers to questions concerning our service
[Image] Textfeld: Tech-FAQ
FAQ: References to recovery from technical problems
[Image] Textfeld: Additional service
Information on additional services by our legal team

Information on effective  reminding and executing

The following pages provide valuable general information  about legal dunning and execution:

Legal dunning
[Image] Textfeld: Effective legal dunning
How do you successfully remind customers of late payments?
[Image] Textfeld: Court order
When is it better to use a court order?
[Image] Textfeld: Costs of court
What costs arise during the dunning procedure?
[Image] Textfeld: Helpful advice
Advice on recovering debts successfully
[Image] Textfeld: Default and maturity I
When is the debtor in default?
[Image] Textfeld: Default and maturity II
New German default laws (as of May 1, 2000)
[Image] Textfeld: Discussion forum
Forum on claim recovery (
Enforcemnet - Court Execution
[Image] Textfeld: Debtor Information 
What information is necessary to execute successfully?
[Image] Textfeld: Execution
Which execution measures can be taken?
[Image] Textfeld: Execution costs
What costs are involved in execution?
[Image] Textfeld: Insolvency
What are the options  in the case of insolvency?
[Image] Textfeld: Court execution
More information on court execution (Kanzlei Agnesstraße)
[Image] Textfeld: Flowchart
Flowchart of  reminding and execution procedures
[Image] Textfeld: Reminder FAQ
Answers to questions about reminding and executing

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